Dear Needham Residents,

This idea for the sign was initiated by Steve Coren, sign verbiage by Paul Robey and sign made and designed by Doug Spink, all members of
the Needham Golf Club. Tim Hood, Green Superintendent, constructed the sign structure. Thanks also to the NGC Board and town leaders for
their cooperation.

As we experience this unprecedented time in our lives, Needham Golf Club Charities wanted to recognize and thank all the people that have
been involved with the care taking, supporting, supplying, servicing, saving, organizing, administrating, communicating,.

And also remember the victims of this terrible scourge. They are all HEROES.

Paul Robey and NGCC Comm

May 24, 2020

Dear Needham Residents,

Starting on Monday, May 25, 2020 there will no longer be a medical restriction for access to golf carts.

Carts will be available to all, single riders and for those who live in the same household.

Thank you,

Rick Zimbone

NGC President

May 15, 2020
Needham Golf Club – Opening for Resident Play
Under Governor’s Phase 1 Regulations
Beginning Monday, May 18th

The Needham Golf Club will reopen for resident play beginning on Monday, May 18th under the regulations put in place by the Governor’s Task Force (Phase 1 regulations). Hours available for resident play will remain unchanged:

Sunday – 3:00 PM until Course Closing
Monday – 3:00 PM until Course Closing
Tuesday – All day, 8:00 AM to Course Closing

While under Phase 1 operations, all play will be limited to nine (9) hole rounds, except on Tuesday mornings, when eighteen (18) hole rounds will be available in the morning only (approximately ten tee times). The reason for this scheduling requirement is to maximize the available tee times for resident use under the Phase 1 regulations.

Residents may call the pro shop phone number (781-444-5548, ext. #1) to reserve a tee time. Tee time reservations for the following week’s play can be made from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (For reservations on May 18th and 19th only, residents can call the pro shop number on Saturday, May 16th and Sunday, May 17th.) PLEASE NOTE: Payments for greens fees and electric golf carts must be made at the time of tee time booking (see further explanation below).


The Phase 1 regulations are intended to provide a safe environment for all players and golf course staff. Social distancing, sanitation standards, and minimization of touch points will be strictly enforced. Your compliance with the rules and regulations below is necessary to keep the golf course open and safe. Violations will result in a loss of playing privileges at the club.


General Information:

For the safety of yourself and others, if you feel sick, have a fever, or have been around or living with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, do not come onto the property.
A face mask must be worn in the parking lot and other areas where you might come in close contact with people. Face masks are not required while playing golf.
Players must practice social distancing while on Club grounds and golf course. Please take special note of areas around the greens and tee boxes where people tend to congregate. This includes staying 6 feet away from fellow players and staff as well as all equipment sanitizing areas.
All facilities at the club other than the golf course will remain CLOSED, including the Clubhouse, Pro Shop, locker rooms and rest rooms. A separate “Starters” area will be set up outside the clubhouse for player check-in.
The driving range, short game practice area and putting green will remain closed.

Tee Time Reservations:

Residents may schedule a tee time by calling the pro shop @781-444-5548 (ext. #1) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (only) between the hours of 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM. No walk-ons will be allowed.
Tee times will be spaced 15 minutes apart.
No guests will be allowed.
Minors under the age of 18 must play with an adult.
All players should arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before their tee time. If you arrive earlier, you must stay in your car.


Under Phase 1 regulations, all payments must be completed remotely. There will be no credit card or cash transactions allowed at the course. Payment for all greens fees and cart fees must be made at the time of tee registration. Payments can be made by credit card or through a PayPal account. Please be prepared to provide your payment information at the time of booking.
Cancellations will be accepted up until 3:00 PM on the Saturday before a player is scheduled to play. Payment refunds will be provided if cancellations occur within the tee registration period or if the course is closed on the day of play due to weather or other conditions that make the course unplayable.

Restricted Golf Cart Use:

Players are encouraged to walk the course.
Players can bring their own push/pull carts. No push/pull carts will be provided by the club.
A motorized golf cart will be provided for anyone needing a cart due to a medical restriction. A player requesting a cart must provide a note from a physician or a letter to the club certifying that a motorized cart is required due to a medical limitation in order to play a round of golf.
Carts are restricted to one person per cart
At the conclusion of the round, each player is responsible for removing all personal belongings, including clubs, water, food, trash, etc. from the cart and returning the cart to the designated cart sanitizing area located near the golf cart barn entrance.

Golf Course Equipment:
No water will be available on the course. Bring your own water bottles.
Flag sticks will be left in the hole without human contact and cups will be manipulated to promote no golf balls from entering the hole.
Ball washers will not be available. Players should bring their own towel from home and take it with you when you leave the grounds.The Club will not provide towels.
No rakes will be in the traps – Move your ball to a smooth area as necessary. Use your foot to smooth the sand as best you can. Traps will be raked by the grounds crew as manpower permits.
Divot mix boxes will not be available – All the more reason to replace your divots!

Special Coronavirus Protocols:

Players are responsible for handling their own golf clubs. There is no sharing of clubs allowed.
Players must bring their clubs, trash, food, etc. home when they leave the golf course.
Do not sit on or touch any benches.
Do not pick up someone else’s ball. If you hit your ball into the woods, leave it unless you can clearly identify the ball as yours without touching it
Fishing for balls in the ponds and streams will not be allowed.
Don’t share balls, tees, ball markers, divot tools, etc.
Don’t shake hands at the beginning or at the end of play.
All players should carry hand sanitizer – and use it frequently!
Once the round of golf is over, immediately leave the course and parking lot area.

Following these simple, yet important practices will help keep you and your fellow players safe. Course “Rangers” will monitor play during your round and will offer advice and counsel to the players on the course as necessary.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we all start back and enjoy golf at the club.



Golf Course: Needham Golf Club (NGC) was designed by professional golf architect
Wayne Stiles, a contemporary of the legendary Donald Ross and A.W. Tillinghast. Mr.
Stiles designed over 30 courses during his career including Woodland Golf Club in
Newton and Taconic Golf Club in Williamstown. NGC challenges the skilled golfer
yet is fair and enjoyable for the recreational, junior or senior player. The course is
known for its lush, tree-lined fairways, challenging greens and excellent condition
thanks to our Superintendent Tim Hood, who maintains the course with a passion for
Clubhouse: NGC opened its new Clubhouse in May 2011. This beautiful building
is the culmination of years of planning which is reflected in its comfortable and
inviting atmosphere. Dining is available in the Green Street Grille Room and on the
covered deck overlooking the first and ninth holes. Small and large functions can be
accommodated by our chef and professional food and beverage staff.
PGA Staff: NGC is fortunate to employ two PGA professionals, Rich Hasenfus
and Harry Rose who have a combined 50 years of experience in management and
in golf instruction. They offer instruction to groups and individuals for beginners
and seasoned golfers. The Pro Shop manages a variety of member tournaments
throughout the season. Our Pro Shop features the latest golf equipment and clothing
lines for both male and female players.
Membership: NGC provides a variety of membership options to individual and
family members. We have a diverse membership who welcomes new members and
have formed long lasting friendships through their NGC affiliation.
For more information please contact membership chairman, Alfred Murphy at
Community Service: NGC manages acres of Town-owned land which is one of
the most beautiful properties in Needham. Since 2003 NGC Charities has provided
ongoing scholarships to Needham High School seniors and financial contributions to

Needham charities and service organizations.