Needham Golf Club is a private, member-owned club in Needham, Massachusetts.  We
are an equal opportunity club when it comes to membership and participation regardless of gender, race, color, creed, religion, or sexual orientation. 

For more information on social memberships and wait list information, please contact

NGC Membership Chairman
Mike Curran

[email protected]


Class I-Adult Needham resident
Age 18 and older. Full golf & voting privileges.

Class II-Adult non-Needham resident
Age 18 and older. Full golf & voting privileges.

Class III-Spouse Associate
Age 18 and older and a spouse of Class I or II member.Golf privileges weekdays, and weekends and holidays after 12:00pm.

Class IV-Adult Associate
Age 18 and older. Golf privileges weekdays only, excluding holidays.

Class V-Intermediate
Age 18 to 29, inclusive. Golf privileges weekdays, and weekends and holidays after 12:30pm.

Class VI-Junior
Age 12 to 17, inclusive. Golf privileges Monday through Thursday, Fridays from before noon and after 4:00 pm, Saturdays after 3:00 pm, Sundays after 2:30 pm, and holidays after 3:00 pm. Parent must be a member.

Class VII-Adult Social
Age 18 and older. Full clubhouse, social and entertainment privileges. A golf credit of 36 weekday holes is included.