Needham Golf Club Charities

Needham Golf Club Charities (NGCC) is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2003. The mission of NGCC is to support the Needham community by funding scholarships to graduating Needham High School seniors and to support various Needham based community and charitable organizations. 

Since its inception, NGCC has funded over $285,000 to organizations in Needham including more than $200,000 in scholarships to Needham High School graduates. In 2024 NGCC will again be funding scholarships to Needham High School graduates. 

Included among the Needham based charitable and community organizations supported by NGCC are: 

Needham Steps Up Program – Needham Steps Up's mission is to bridge the opportunity gap for income eligible Needham Public School students through mentoring and educational support that help make college and post-secondary success a reality. 

Charles River Center – The Charles River Center is a nonprofit social service agency that has been providing advocacy and a variety of services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Annually supply t-shirts for the Charles River Ellie Bloom Olympics and helps underwrite major fund-raising campaigns. 

Needham Community Council
– The Needham Community Council is a private non-profit organization that supports people in Needham who have under-met health, educational or social needs. Regularly offer financial assistance when needs arise. 

Needham Coalition for Suicide Prevention – The Needham Coalition for Suicide Prevention works within the fabric of the community to reinforce the ability of families, schools, churches and peer networks to help distressed individuals not to feel alone, to see options in their lives and to know they have a future.

Needham High School Athletic Teams - Contribute to their fundraising efforts. 

Our fundraising is solely dependent upon our annual fall golf tournament, private donations and other fund raising activities held throughout the year. 100% of all funds raised are used for scholarships and community support.

Needham Golf Club Charities Board of Governors:

Paul Robey - Chairman
Joe Barnes  - Secretary
Bruce Treut - Treasurer
George Bernet
Steve Coren
Chris Janzen
John Rudberg
Steve Theall
Kevin Tormey
Jeff Schiffman
John Steinberg
Chris Supple
Dawn Baker

Bob Dunn
John McDonough

NGC Charities Scholarship Winners

Molly Silver (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Rachel Talcoff (Duke University)

Henry Theall (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Nicholas Pfeifer, Casey Rolfes, Grace Yonchak


David Cammarata-Green, Tim Reidy


Peter Messina, James Vinluan

Maria L. Colon Figueroa, Ben Desmarais


Patrick Canavan, Jessica Kohl, Maggie Messina, Amanda Wong 

Grace Ward, Austin Kruglak, Brendan Smith 

Maggie Hirshland, Peter Hood, Rose McGovern, Trevor Schofield

Olivia Bogam, Natalie Wong, Courtney Barrett, Ellis Focht 

Elaine Segel, Brad Wright, Alexander Elman, Mary O'Connor

Angela Bello, Mac Steeves, Andrew Noble, Robert McKittrick

Kaitlyn Silk, Ben Leaders, Elizabeth Thornton, James McGill

Abigail Burns, Emily Daly, Rebecca Noble, Laura Sisk

Jordan Michelson, Patrick Kelley, Katherine Connolly, Colleen Rizzo

Heinz Brinkhaus, Max Goldstein, Erika Klein, Allison Mond

Kristina Chao, Stefan Loridas, Kevin Potterton, Andrew Roy

Jeremy Klein, Shannon Jurgens, Aaron Girelli

Christopher Potterton, Maya Brodziak, Meaghan Nowell

Kristina Anderson

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